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Alitis Investment Counsel

Global InvestmentsWelcome to Alitis Investment Counsel!

Improved investment performance requires improved strategies towards wealth management. At Alitis, we understand this and have developed innovative, secure and higher performing investment portfolios for our valued clients.

A growing number of Canadian investors are becoming increasingly concerned with the excessive volatility and lack of returns from their investment portfolio. The traditional assets held in mutual funds and most fee-based brokerage accounts are not up to date with today’s astute investor. The repeated oscillations in the global markets have proven the need to diversify our investments in ways that allow for the successful weathering of financial storms.

Alitis Investment Counsel is a team of leading edge portfolio managers who understand the importance of reducing volatility (portfolio risk) and delivering positive returns for you and your family.

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Cecil Baldry-White

Cecil Baldry-White
President & CEO